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Seven Days Soundbites: Marcie Hernandez’s Video Trilogy

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022 | Press

There was a time when people my age were somewhat embarrassingly labeled the MTV Generation. I’m relatively sure it was meant as a slight, but as a card-carrying Gen Xer — well, I don’t really care, man. (I just shrugged perfectly, if you were wondering.)

Joking aside, one reason that designation didn’t bother me, even during the brief time it held relevance, was that I felt it wasn’t that far off the mark. I wasraised on MTV. I did watch music videos any chance I got. I worshipped at the altar of “Headbangers Ball,” “120 Minutes” and “Yo! MTV Raps.” I got my news from Kurt Loder’s stony visage. And yes, I’d even watch the “MTV Rock N’ Jock” celebrity basketball games. (Never leave Flea open for a corner three!)

Suffice it to say that the music video as a concept has always had great importance to me. Long after MTV stopped having anything to do with music videos, the art form continues to shine and evolve. I often hear people say that the music video is dead or that “They don’t make them like that anymore.” Neither is true. Every day, artists across the world are releasing music videos.

The thing is, these days no TV channel serves as a hub for those videos. Instead, we have repositories such as YouTube, and we either need to be down to search for new videos or let the algorithm take us on a ride. Or you can just let me tell you about them!

Case in point: Burlington singer-songwriter Marcie Hernandez has not one, not two but three new music videos.