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Vermont Songstress Marcie Hernandez Dazzles On Bilingual Debut LP ‘Amanecer’

Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 | Press

Vermonter Marcie Hernandez croons with confident phrasing and a depth of emotion on her debut record Amanecer: a fitting title as “amanecer” is Spanish for sunrise. Now is the dawn of Hernandez’s career as a recording artist and her debut record was conceived in a selection of mature, thoughtful, diverse, beautiful songs.

An album that took nearly three years to finish and was worth the wait, “Amanecer” is a collection of seven songs that navigates cross-genres and bilingual songwriting with a soothing tone, honest and forthright lyrical wit, and aurally pleasing instrumentation. As most of us know, good things often need time and space to grow and become fully formed and “Amanecer” is no exception to that sentiment.